Preparing a Great Cup of Coffee is an Art

Preparing a great cup of coffee is an art. The perfect combination of coffee and water must be used. The coffee beans must be fresh, roasted well and ground to perfection. The water must be fresh, just off the boil and impart no taste to the coffee. Following four fundamentals lead to a recipe for great coffee.


The amount of coffee used with each six ounces of water determines the strength of the brew. I have found recommendations from using one tablespoon per six ounces to using two tablespoons of coffee per six ounces of water. The correct proportion of coffee to water is determined by preference. Begin with one tablespoon of coffee to each six ounces of water. If a stronger brew is desired simply increase the amount of coffee used during the next making until the desired taste is reached.


How will the coffee be brewed? The type of coffee maker determines the grind of coffee used. A coarsely ground coffee is used with a coffee press, a medium grind is used with an automatic coffee maker and a fine ground coffee is used for espresso.

There are several kinds of coffee grinders available for producing the grind you desire. Some coffee grinders offer adjustable grinds while some only produce one uniform grind. Most coffee beans are ground to a medium coarseness when pre ground before purchase.


Using bottled or filtered water for coffee is important is water quality is an issue. Bring the fresh water to a boil for brewing in a coffee press or drip coffee maker. When using an automatic coffee maker the pure, fresh water allows for more flavorful, full bodied coffee.


Using fresh coffee beans and grinding them to the proper coarseness allows the true flavor of the coffee to develop. A fresh cup of properly brewed coffee is joy to the coffee lover.

People who love a great cup of coffee may own several kinds of coffee makers. Using an automatic coffee maker and purchased, pre ground coffee most of the time and having coffee beans, a grinder and a coffee press on hand for special occasions is common. No matter which coffee making method is used following the four coffee making essentials does assure a great cup of coffee.


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