Mexico Travel Advice Dealing with Left-Behind Luggage

One of the biggest fears travelers have as they depart their vacations is leaving something behind. When visiting Mexico , since it is an entirely different country and delivery system than what a person is accustomed to, this only complicates matters. Fortunately, if a luggage piece, valuable left in the safe or hanging clothing item remains behind at your resort, hotels are experienced with returning belongings to their owners. The sooner you are able to notice the lost item, the better; as housekeeping can check your vacated room and see if the item is still there.
While the Mexican postal system can be unreliable, travelers will usually have the option to ship the bags to their home at their own cost. Delivery options will be presented and may include using postal mail or world-wide delivery carrier service. Rates are based on a person’s zip code, the size of the retuning package and its value. If able to, always ask for a shipping estimate. Should the cost of returning the item outweigh its value, you may wish to consider re-purchasing the item on your own.

On the other hand, should you return home and realize a luggage item is missing; the first place to call would be your local carrier’s terminal or customer service center. Knowing your flight number and having a luggage ticket from another checked back will help. Customer service should be able to tell you how many bags were checked before boarding your return flight. This will help travelers decide if a return trip to the airport is necessary or if a phone call to the hotel is needed. Either way, the odds of being reunited with your lost luggage are good. Just to be safe, before making final vacation preparations, you may wish to investigate travel insurance plans that cover lost or missing luggage. Alternatively get some cheap luggage and you should be sorted and will not have to worry.

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